Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Legend of Justice and Diamonds - Second Printing

"The Legend of Justice and Diamonds" was originally published through Xulon Press in 2010. It is now available through Create Space and Kindle (The Legend of Justice and Diamonds). (You can find my review of the first printing here.) I was (and still am!) drawn to this book because it takes its foundation from the Tarot, which has been a a part of my life "forever". The book presents the cards as both living virtues, and living human beings, fashioned by The Creator. The background is that of what author Louis F. Hemsey terms "first Earth" - the time before Earth as we know it.

The voice of the story is Acellus, The Creator's scribe. He is also the first angelic being. Through his visions, the reader moves into the past, into what is termed an alternate reality, where it is the sixth year reign of the first King - a rogue entitled the King of Clubs. The story exemplifies the eternal struggle between good and evil, and moves smoothly between three realms - (1) the Forest of Cards, (2) the earthly realm of the Kng of Clubs, and (3) the realm of the Keepers, the ones who read the Tarot cards.

As an author myself, I am imressed with the manner in which Hemsey moved his work from Xulon Press to the independent publishing venues of Create Space and Kindle. The addition of a dlightful new cover spices things up nicely!

I have it on good authority (Hemsey himself!) that a sequel is in the works - involving the son's of the Jack of Diamonds and the Ace of Spades, along with the Queen of Diamonds and Lady Arabella of Saxon.

Now is a good time to read (and savor) the first book, so that you have the background handy for reading the sequel!

(c) November 2017 Bonnie Cehovet

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Writer's Thanksgiving

We have thanksgiving coming up here in the United States on November 23rd. It is all about food, family, and being thankful for all of the abundance in our lives, whatever form that takes (which, for some, will be endless football games!). I have been sitting here thinking about what I am thankful for as a writer.

I have been writing ever since I can remember. For whatever reason, I aways seemed to be secretary of whatever organization I was with. I remember when I was in the sixth grade, and I was secretary for my Camp Fire Girls group. I wrote up the minutes, then I got to walk them down to the local newspaper (I lived in a really small town!). This was a very big thrill for me!

As I became an adult, and moved forward in my career, most of my writing was of a technical nature. (I worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.) As my avocation - Tarot and metaphysics - transformed into my vocation, I found myself writing on totally different topics. I took what to me was a huge risk and submitted an idea for a book to Schiffer Publishing Ltd., and it was accepted! I was shocked, and enormously happy! I submitted a second idea for a book, and that was accepted too. I am very thankful to Schiffer, and to my editor, Dinah Roseberry, for making publishing my books a very positive experience! 

I co-wrote a book on joy with my friend Brad Tesch, which turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. I am thankful for the time that I spent wth Brad co-writing that book. I wrote and self-published a book on surviving the holidays - which was a great deal of fun to write, and which made me feel good about being able to offer concrete "helpful hints" to others on how not to go insane during the holidays.

I have done written interviews with some of the most interesting people in the Tarot field. I am thankful that to a person they were gracious, and shared of themselves the things that worked for them, and the background of their work.

I currently have a WIP (work in progress) that entails, in part, flying in and out of smaller airports that cater to private and corporate planes. I am very thankful that I know someone through Facebook that I can contact to make sure that the airports that I researched and chose are actually viable choices. I certainly don't want to look the fool over a choice of airports! If this individual agrees to mentor me on this, they will receive mention as a valuable resource in my book.

There are so many things to be thankful for as a writer! What are some of the things that those of you who are fellow writer's are thankful for?

(c) Bonnie Cehovet November 2017 


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Creating A Fictional Character

I am in the process of building a bible for my WIP. Since this is the first book in what will be a series, I am starting small - the main character, two ancillary characters, and a bit of background. What I would like to discuss today is how I am defining my characters - what information I feel that  I need to know about them, so that they will come across as real/believable.

Some of the information that I include is:

1. Character's full name and birth date.
2. Physical description of the character.
3. Physical location of the character.
4. Physical description of their home.
5. Background information: Where they were born, where they went to school, where they have worked, who their parents are, who their siblings are.
6.  What are their goals - what is important to them?
7. What is their moral compass?
8. What are their strong points?
9. What are their weak points?
10. What is this character's relationship with the other characters in the story?

When we are building our characters, we need to keep in mind whether they are meant to be a: protagonist, antagonist, background person, background person that moves the story along.

Above all - know the purpose of your character to your story. Without purpose, the character will be ill defined, and your story will flounder.

If you would like to sign up for my (recently birthed) author's newsletter, you will find the form on my site.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Where Does Time Go?

Time really has been flying by! I had hoped to put more work into a chapter that I am writing for a book that I am co-authoring, but that is not to be. I realized, albeit a bit late, that I had set a goal last week to write the outline for the Christmas themed novel that I plan to write in September. (That will get done, becuase I need to have it edited before I can put it up on Create Space and Kindle.)  

I have the bones of the book in my head. It will take place all in one night, at a Christmas party. I intend to introduce my main character, and two or three supporting characters, as I have fond hopes that I can turn this into a series. 

I also hope to introduce a bit of the nuance between my characters, how they know each other, and just what they have the power to accomplish.  Cats - as well as a dog or two - will have prominent roles. This will be a vry loose outline, as I am not what coult be considered a "plotter" - one who creates a plot and then sticks to it. I am a "pantser" - someone who writes by the seat of their pants! My work goes with the flow - which is sometimes good and sometimes ... challenging. 

What this series is going to be like has changed drastically over the past two weeks - primarily because how it "could be" flew full blown into my head! I will be introducng the characters,  creating a light tension between certain characters, placing a few false clues, and letting the ending evolve. Well, I know what the ending is, but getting there is where the evolution comes from.

I would like to mention that I have just started writing a monthly newsletter aimed at writers, and am running a contest through the end of August. Anyone who signs up before the end of August will have their names tossed into a hat, with the winner receiving a copy of Barbara Berger's "Find and Follow Your INNER COMPASS". You can sign up for my newsletter here. (Look on the right hand side, under apps.)

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Newsletter Coming Out In August!

Taking the plunge, and entering the world of e-newsletters! My first newsletter will be going out on August first, with monthly newsletters to follow. The newsletters will be focused on my writing, and things that are going on in the writing world.

I am running a contest in my first newsletter, where I will be choosing one subscriber from all of those that subscribe before  August 31st to receive a copy of "Find and Follow Your Inner Compass", by Barbara Berger. Feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of information coming into your life? Find out how to align with your own internal guidance system!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Perspective Is The Key

I have been absolutely distraught over this year's 4th of July celebrations. With our current government, we closely resemble a sinking ship! Our president has appointed people to high positions with the thought of deconstructing our government, not of making it better. There are so many issues going on that I doubt that I would be able to list them all - including disappearing healthcare, pulling out of the Paris accord, pulling the legs out from under Planned Parenthood, dissolving women's issues in general, taking environmental protections away, wasting untold millions on playing golf, and the president lying about anything and everything. And choosing Twitter as his means of reaching the people! We have had two major resignations within the DOJ -  Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary B McCord , and former federal prosecutor Hui Chen

In the eyes of the world, America looks like a bunch of fools! With all of this going on, how could I in good conscience celebrate our country's freedom! Have so many men and women given their lives so that it could come to this? I finally realized that I needed to calm down and get a broader perspective on what the 4th of July (Independence Day) meant to me, and how I should celebrate it. 

I do know that it will be a private celebration, as I work on the 4th, but how can I get my mind straightened out? What the 4th of July actually represents is the day in 1776 that the Continental Congress adopted the  The Declaration of Independence, which set us free from Great Britain. 

Freedom is a right, and a gift. How it is reflected in our lives has evolved over time. What we are currently seeing here in the U.S. is a body of wealthy elite that want the "rules" to be in their favor. This is not government of the people, by the people, or for the people. As so many men and women have died so that we may have these rights, it is up to us to honor them by taking actions that will help preserve our rights.

I have always voted, but since the past election I have consciously taken continued action to educate myself on what is going on politically. and to keep up ongoing discourse with my political representatives, by phone, e-mail, and snail mail. The one thing that I can do is to make sure that my voice is heard!

I look at our country, and I see cities and states asserting themselves.   California, New York, and Washington are rebelling against Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Six states are taking action against Trump's travel ban regarding Muslim majority countries. Many cities and states are declaring themselves as sanctuaries for immigrants. 

We the people are speaking up, we are becoming stronger, and we can preserve the best quality of life for the majority of the people in this country. Ideally, it would be the best quality of life for all, but that is a goal that we must strive for. We are not there yet.

On this Independence Day, I honor those that have gone before me, and made my way easier. I commit to doing all that I can do to bring my country back up to the standards that are its foundation.

(c) July 2017 Bonnie Cehovet

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Should Indie Authors Give Away Free ebooks?

One of the things that really make me happy are getting free ebooks. Usually they are promotional in nature, and I try to remember to leave a review on and Goodreads. Sometime I have to sign up for the author's newsletter, which is fine with me. I want to get to know mystery author's, because one of my current WIP's is a mystery that I want to turn into a series.Win/win for author and reader, as far as I am concerned.

It turns out that there are pros and cons to this issue.

  • We have to take into account how many people will unsubscribe as soon as they get their free ebooks. My thought here is that if the newsletter is viable enough, people will stick with an author that interests them. 
  • Another thought is that with all of the free/low cost (99 cent) ebooks out there, readers will not purchase a full price ebook. There is always going to be that segment of the reading population, but there will be those who do go on to purchase at full price. My belief is that the numbers here are greater than the number of people purchasing at full price without having read a free ebook as a dangling carrot.
  • Then there is the thought that free ebooks may not get read. Personally. I have never chosen to not read an ebook that I have downloaded - paid for or free. So we take a chance as authors sending out free e-books. IMHO, the what I consider to be a small percentage of books that don't get read are far outweighed by those that do get read.
  • I should make note here that if you have a book up on Kindle, you can offer it for free for five days out of ninety with KDP Select.
  • Free ebooks are a great way for new authors to get known, and for established authors to introduce new work (as in a new series). It is a good idea when offering a free ebook to have a paid for ebook ready to go at the same time. Include an excerpt from the paid for ebook in the free ebook.
There are many sites where you can download free ebooks. This includes:

The Legend of Justice and Diamonds - Second Printing

"The Legend of Justice and Diamonds" was originally published through Xulon Press in 2010. It is now available through Crea...