Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's All In The Process

I am on the home stretch in finishing my first book that is actually going to a brick and mortar publisher (Schiffer Books). I started out with a firm idea of what I wanted to say, and that has not flagged. Content and chapter organization were not a problem. However, I did hit a stretch of time where I was not writing – thinking that I had “plenty of time” to get this book out.

Needless to say, now I have to push to get it done in time! I still have the time to do that, and the writing is going well, so I’m not all that concerned. What I have found is that at one point I had to take out a section that would have repeated itself in all twelve chapters, and give it separate space (to hit a somewhat limited word count), Then a couple of chapters later I found that I wanted to add a small section on to bring each chapter to a more definitive close.

I am also working with a collaborator (my book will be coming out with an accompanying Tarot deck that, while it is part of the set, is completely separate project wise) to set up a specific marketing tool on her site. This caused me momentary angst (I am not a techie, the marketing tool is relatively high tech), but my collaborator volunteered to place it on her site, and her techies are working with it. It is now up and looks great, than heavens! (Not quite ready to go public, though.)

My mind is wandering (with intent, but still wandering) into the area of promotion and marketing. The book/deck set will not be available until fall 2011, but, as a Cappie (Capricorn), I like to plan ahead … way ahead! I am looking at blogs , Podcasts and Internet radio at this time. Not even thinking about in store appearances (I am not a public person – the thought of in store appearances gives me ulers!).

I also have to think about how I want the page for this book on my site to look. It needs more than a photo of the cover, a few clever wrds and a couple of purchasing links. I am thinking about releasing a template for working with the material in this book (Tarot Birth Cards), as well as one chapter.

So much to do … so little time!

© July 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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