Saturday, February 25, 2012

Semantic Keywords

Today I am going to be talking about keyword searches – specifically, semantic keyword searches. What is that, and what does it do for us? What is does is help us to create smarter content – something that those of us who blog, or write online articles, will be happy to hear! We are looking for the quickest way to get meaningful content out there.

With semantics, we are looking at the meaning of words – or, more precisely, the shades of meaning between words. The difference to our content? We either create clear content, and keep our readers coming back, or we create content that is not clear, and we run the risk of losing our readers.

Basically, we are looking at how our target audience is going to interpret the words that we are using. How to begin? Define your core keywords. What exactly is it that you want to say? Keywords is where our foundation starts. There are tools that will help us out there – such as the Google keyword tool (

Now you want to create supporting keywords – literally, words that support your keywords. These are words or phrases that are often used in conjunction with your keywords. Remember – your writing will have a greater sense of authority and relevance if you take the time to do this. (Before you write – not after!)

We write in our own voice, making best use of predetermined keywords and supporting keywords. We are taking the larger picture into account, and tweaking for optimization of content.

Bottom line – when we work with semantic keywords, we create authority for our page. We get taken seriously.

© February 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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