Saturday, May 8, 2010

What A Day!

I absolutely cannot believe this! I tried to sign in to post a new blog - and my blog no longer existed! I had to set the whole darn thing up over again! The lovely template that I had been using no longer existed - not real happy about that. But, oh well, I am here again!

I have a Tarot e-book out - available from my site, It is entitle "Women In Tarot", and is a series of nterviews that I have done over the years with women in the Tarot field that are making an impact.

I have an upcoming POD book ready to go that will include most of the interviews that I have done over the year with Tarot artists and authors. I have to get the funding together for that, at which time it will go on Createspace.

I have also inked a contract with Schiffer Books for a Tarot/Empowerment crossover book that will be coming out in the fall of 2011. It is based on Tarot Birth Cards, using the two card system. I will be writing more here about that as time goes on.

I have a second book in mind to submit to Schiffer Books after the first one is in - not quite ready to talk about the content here, other than to say that it will be based on the Major Arcana.

I am still looking at the mystery fiction market - more than likely stories at first, and then full ut novels.

Stay tuned!


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