Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Random Thoughts

I am very excited about the reception that my latest book, co-authored with Brad Tesh, is receiving. "Seek Joy ... Toss Confetti" can be purchased in both print and e-book formats here . We would certainly appreciate any reviews that any of you would care to leave! Here is the lin to our chat with Mary (c)on Attune Magaine Radio - Seek Joy ... Toss Confetti. On May 25th we will be on Personal Empowerment For Your Soul with Jean Maurie Puhlman and Maggie Lukowski. Here is a link to a past episode - Personal Empowerment For Your Soul. We have two more radio interviews coming up in May - one with Melinda Carver, and one with Jennifer Sieck. I will post those links as the exact date is set.

I have just finished re-reading "Our Power As Women", by Helene Lerner-Robbins (1996, Conari Press). This incredible book consists of a series of essays from well known women on topics relating to women, women's issues, and inner strength and personal power. Contributions came from such luminaries as Maya Angelou, Patricia Ireland, Olympia Dukakis, Marrianne Williamson, Barbara Bush, Geraldine Ferraro, Ann Richards, and Gloria Steinem.

The issues covered were, of course, from the 1990's time period. For me, since I was there, the reading was fascinating. We have certainly gained some ground as women since this time, largely because of these women. We are still also facing many of the same issues - home and children versus career, dealng with bosses, promotability, and living up to our full potential. 

I am also expanding my scope on Google +, joining new communities, and attempting to set the groundwork for moving into making my living as an author. i would encourage everyone to read everything they can get their hands on to move your life forward! Dream the biggest dream possible, peeps!

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