Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tools of the Writing Trade

One month into the new year! How are you doing with your goals? Are you hitting your deadlines? Is your path as clear as you thought it would be? I set out to accomplish three major projects: a Tarot app for my book "Tarot, Birth Cards, and You", a short book on decision making, and a longer mystery.The app was set to be a year long project ... it is moving along nicely, even though it is not going to be quite what I thought it would be. I had planned to have my decision making book done by the end of January. The introduction is done, and the deadline has been extended to the end of March. My mystery will still be out by the end of the  year.

I found out one very important thing - I am on the right path, taking the right actions, but I need to make more time for myself. I cannot push myself as I always have - I need more down time, to just read a book, take a walk, or even take a drive. My life is going in interesting directions - I want to be grounded, centered, and ready to take on the opportunities that come my way.  

Knowing how to present and promote what I do is very important to m. I am going to share the links to some sites that present tools that helped me make better decisions about how to promote my work. I hope that you find them of interest too!

Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady, has a whole slew of interesting tools of empowerment o n her site, The Tarot Lady. Drop by and take a look!

Katrina Wynn is offering a Professional Tarot Consulting Program with live, online classes, through the Global Spiritual Studies site - Professional Tarot Consulting Program.

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) offers coaching aimed at helping an individual build a personalized financial and cash flow plan, discover their mission, passion, and purpose, and map out where you want to go, and what you need to do to get there. Important for all individuals and entrepreneurs.

Need more time? Here are four simple ways to claim back your time!

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