Thursday, December 4, 2014

Year End Roundup

This is where I am right now - allowing myself to enjoy the holidays. As far as my writing goes, this year was very uneven. I did get one of my books spiffed up for holiday sales (Surviving the Holidays), and am starting to promote it. I co-wrote another book (Seek Joy ... Toss Confetti), that I will promote again after the New Year. I am only a couple of chapters into my book on decision making - I had hoped to have it out for holiday sales too, but I am now aiming for some time in January. My mystery book - that will be my 2015 major project!

I think we have to learn to flow with things - certainly all that I had hoped to accomplish in 2014 did not get done. One project I had to let go of, others were delayed. Life interfered, and I had to be okay with that. I have (more or less) kept up with my Tarot blog, and have started writing flash fiction and placing it on my Facebook timeline. I may go back to doing that blog in 2015. Even once a month would keep it going, and I do love writing them. A bit of a chore sometimes to get a beginning, middle, and end in under 100 words!

I never did join the writers organizations that I had intended to in 2014 - that will be taken into 2015, and accomplished. If I want to move into the world of writing as something to pay the bills, then I need to network in any and all ways possible. Plus, I can look for professional gatherings that are taking place in warm climes!

For those that are still shopping for holiday gifts, I have two other books out - Tarot, Birth Cards and You , and Tarot, Rituals & You.

Wishing you all a joyous, safe holiday season!

(c) 2014 Bonnie Cehovet
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