Friday, August 5, 2016

Bringing All the Strands of My "Web of Life" Together!

The web of my life for 2016 is pretty much what I asked it to be - which is favorable for me, but it  meant that, aside from reviews and the ooccasional article, my writing was at a standstill. I am now getting back to work on my WIP - a book on decision making. There has been an inordinate amount of "start/stop" with this book, due to life intervening. I am not going to push myself - but I do hope to have it out reasonably soon aftr the first of the year.

Then I will focus on marketing that book, and writing what is to be the first in a series of cozy mysteries. I am going to start from scratch on this book - I have the start of a bible, and a storyline, but I am going to start from ground zero, and see what happens. One of the things that I can do while I am finishing my non-fiction book is to research software that will help me create my bible, and keep characters and the storyiine together. Since I will be including parts of my metaphysical world, it will need to be tight to be believable!

I will be starting a newsletter within the next few months that will be published on a monthy basis. In it I hope to keep my audience apprised of where I am with my book, while at the same time building a reader base. I have no clue what software I will be using - I imagine trial and error with whatever looks good!

I would like to share a few links from my writer's world, beginning with Punctuation In Dialoge. Then we have Writing Jobs From Writer Access, and Magazines That Pay $400 Plus Per Article.

Wishing you all well with your writing!

(c) 2016 Bonnie Cehovet 

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