Sunday, March 19, 2017

Draft2Digital - A New Way To Go

Self-publishing has become the preferred way to go with many writers. We can write at our own pace, we have control over thing like cover images, and we can promote our books where we want to and how we want to. There are many avenues for self-publishing, such as Create Space, Outskirts Press, Book Baby, Lulu, Author House and many more. I currently have a WIP that will be out later this year, and I was sure that I knew where I wanted to publish it. A new (to me) little gem just came into my radar, and I am seriously considering publishing with them.

The site that I am considering is Draft2Digital. They promote themselves as a publishing site that provides support for authors. Authors do the writing, chose their list price, chose their digital stores, and submit their work. Draft2Digital does the formatting, submits to the chosen digital venues, and keeps track of daily sales. And authors can make  unlimited changes to their work.

As an author, you submit a word doc, which Draft2Digital converts into digital format with clean chapter breaks, and a functioning table of contents. Formatting is pure hell for me, so this sounds like a giant reprieve! I also like that I can check daily on my sales with no problem. 

There is no upfront cost, no style guide or special formatting requirements. ISBN numbers are assigned free of charge, unless provided by the author. Vendors include Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, Inktera, Tolino, and 24Symbols. If an author has a set publishing date, preorders can be arranged with vendors. End cost is a 15% commission on net royalties (approximately 10% of list price). The author retains all rights.

Draft2Digital is currently pursuing contracts with several other digital publishers. They will also send authors a PDF of their formatted book that can  be used for submission to other publishers. This means I can continue with my original plan to submit to Create Space and Kindle, while working with Draft2Digital at the same time.

Please remember that this is a site that I have not, to date, worked with. I am not recommending them, just saying that they look viable to me.

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