Monday, July 1, 2019

NaNoWriMo In July

NaNoWriMo In July

Thank you to my Internet writer friend Jessica Macbeth, I found out that NaNoWriMo is having a writer's camp during the month of July. I wasn't going to join, but I just did. I got to set my word count (I set it for 20,000 words), my category (self-help), and whether I wanted to be in a cabin or not (I did not).

Wait ... what? We got to write from home in November - now we are in cabins? This is getting expensive! I thought it was free! I have a nine to five - I can't be away from home for a month! Hang on ... it's all good! It is free! You do work from home. The cabins are simply writing groups - you can form one with people that you know, you can ask to join a private cabin, or you can be sorted into a public one. There can be up to twenty people in each cabin.  This is your writing community.

Take a look ... see what you think! You get to write, you have a community to share ideas with and get input from, you get support - what more could you want!

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  1. Haven't done a NoNoWriMo, but have a good friend who swears by it. And now you, too! I should give it a try, I think. Great blog.


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