Monday, August 26, 2019

Celebrity Co-Authors

Over the years I have read some very interesting books - mainly myteries - that feature a celebrity writing with a co-author. LOL I can see you rolling your eyes! These really can be interesting books, as the celebrity generally is there to act as the individual that is able to present a coherent background for the story based on their own experience.

The first book that I read in this genre was "Killer Instinct", written by Martina Navritalova and co-authored by Liz Nickles. The protagonist is Jordan Myles, a retired world-class tennis pro. This actually is book three in a three book series, and was well written both from the POV a accuracy in the tennis world, and a really interesting, tight story line.

The next celebrity authored book that I read was "Murder In The Mist", written by Willard Scott and co-authored by Bill Crider. The protagonist is B&B owner Stanley Waters, who is very much written along the lines of who Willard Scott is. The setting is Virgina, and the reenactment of a Civil War battle. Funny, yet serious, well written, and well researched.

The most recent celebrity co-authored book that I read was "The President Is Missing", by Bill Clinton and co-authored by James Patterson. It is a fabulous book, one that only a former president could provide such personal background for. It is fast paced, factual, and a book that you just do not want to put down.

A celebrity book series that I may look into is the "Femmes Fatales", authored by Gypsy Rose Lee (with a forward by Eric Lee Preminger). Yes, THAT Gypsy Rose Lee. (I am old enough to remember her as a talk show host when I was very young). Supposedly the series was written by Gypsy Rose Lee herself, but there is some question about whether there was a co-author (said to be Craig Rice).    

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  2. I don't mind celebs having coauthors; as you say, one provides rl experience where no writer might have ventured, whereas pro wroting is that... Pro writing ;)


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