Monday, September 9, 2019

Book Cover Art

Writing books for me is enjoyable - dealing with the cover art is not! My brick and mortar Tarot books had their covers done by my publishing company (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.). The first book that I co-authored with my friend Brad Tesh featured a teapot on the cover, and we ran a contest to find a teapot that would work for us. That was really fun! ("Seek Joy ... Toss Confetti") The second book that I co-authored with Brad he really had to work to make the cover art fit the self-publishing parameters. We both cussed a lot! ("Invisible Me - Journeying Through The Soul") Other books I have simply used text on the cover, as opposed to any images.

I have a three book series that I have just started writing. (Okay - I have been writing it for a while, but am still less than half done with the first book!) Since metaphysics is deeply involved in the plot, the possibilities for amazing covers are there. And I do want the three covers to fall in line with each other. I have an artist friend by the name of Andrea Aste that I am going to ask to do those covers. His work is mind-blowing! You can find Andrea here

Why obsess over a book's cover? Because what the reader sees first is the book's cover. This is what will initially grab their attention. Then it goes one step further, and sends sneaky little messages about the content of the book. The cover of a mystery book will look a lot different than a romance book, or a police procedural. A little thought given to a cover can exponentially increase the sales for your book!

(c) September 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
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