Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 - Thoughts On A Writer's New Year

Today is January 1st, 2021. We are just over two weeks away from inaugurating a new president, and a new way of life for the U.S. Or rather, a return to a more sensible, responsible way of life. The COVID-19 crisis is still going strong here in the U.S., but we do have two vaccines available, and the projections are that by the end of March everyone that wants a shot will have had their first shot. (Both vaccines that are out right now require two shots.) We are looking at opening up businesses again, creating jobs, and opening up our economy.

As writers, we have seen our professional lives impacted in different ways. Large and small scale in-person conferences were canceled, as were venues such as book signings. We were unable to connect with each other except digitally. Whatever each of us learned, we need to take into 2021 and make it part of our professional (and personal) foundation.

While 2021 will present its own challenges, I personally am going to treat it as a "regular" year. What do we do at the beginning of a "regular" writing year? Here are some of the things that I am going to be doing.

Personal Goals:

  • Continue my daily thankfulness blog, where I list at least five things each day that I am thankful for.
  • Block out the hours each day that I can write. (I am still working full time.)
  • Meditate daily (for me this is best done at the beginning of my day).
  • Exercise at least a few minutes each day.
  • Set aside time on a daily basis to read for pleasure.
  • Eat in a healthier manner.
Professional Goals:

  • Set out my writing projects for the year. I want to write 1-2 cozy mysteries, as well as a small Christmas book each year. I would also like to have a half-dozen journals out there, as well as 18-20 page pamphlets on differing topics.
  • Redo my bio.
  • Create a template for the back cover material on my books,
  • Join at least 1-2 professional organizations, keyed towards women, mysteries, and cozy mysteries.
  • Check out writer's software. I am currently learning to use Scrivener, so that will be my go-to software for now.
  • Continue using Grammarly, with an eye to eventually using the professional version. Grammarly and I do not always agree on the "state of the state"!
  • Since I am going to continue self-publishing, I will need to look deeper into having my books professionally edited.
  • Look into writing articles for magazines, and entering writing contests.
Your lists will be different because they will be tailored to your life and your lifestyle. I do feel that it behooves all of us to do a deep dive into what we would like to accomplish during the next year so that we can move on to the second step - how we are going to accomplish the goals we are setting.

Below are a few previous blogs that may be of some help in starting out your New Year:

January 2021 Bonnie Cehovet
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