Saturday, September 4, 2010

Soul Purpose

I just finished reading a very interesting article on identifying and living your soul purpose. Why do author’s need to know about this? Does it just give us ammo for a new storyline, or perhaps justification (i.e. a “reason”, or “purpose”) for becoming a writer? Writing is an extension of who we are – it allows us to express our beliefs, our way of being, in many different formats. We don’t need a reason, or justification of any kind, to do this.

Soul purpose goes to the core of who we are as individuals, it speaks to what we are here for in this lifetime – our very reason for being here. When we are aligned with our soul purpose, life has a very nice flow to it – things go smoothly, what we need comes to us in a timely fashion, with very little effort, and with no strings attached.

There are some easy “tells” that will let you know that you are not aligned well with your soul purpose:

1. You are not happy with your work/career – you no longer find it fulfilling.
2. Long-term relationships are falling away, and you don’t understand why. 3. You want to relocate, but are not sure where you want to go.
4. Your career life, personal life (or both) seem to have come to a standstill.
5. Your health is not what it once was, or what you would like it to be.

Yes’s to one or more of the above indicate to me that a little “time out’ is necessary. You cannot envision your big dream, much less achieve it, when your life is not functioning!

I don’t have a stock answer as to how we discover our soul purpose. From my own experience, I can say that, generally speaking, what I am fighting in my life is what I need to pay attention to. If I am drawn to something, t hat is whee my focus and intent need to go.

The Internet has many resources, as does your public library. Take the time to identify your soul purpose, and your life as an author will thank you!

© September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


  1. I can say YES to almost all of the above, Bonnie. Ever since I was a kid I have known that there is something I am meant to do/be, but I cannot figure it out and it drives me crazy/depressed. There must be the SPARK, right? when I finally got this spark for something things did not come my way so now I am pretty lost, even though it is not an unusual state of mind for me. I know I have to try again, though, and I will... if you know any good books/or psychic specialist who can help me uncover my soul purpose, please refer me there. I am willing to hire as many psychic people as needed because I really MUST figure out what it is that I am here for. I feel that time is running out, too, and I MUST learn it!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Our lives are what *we* make of them - there is no grand design or purpose for us to seek. It is all about making choices and acting on them, whether these are rational, emotional, spiritual or practical choices is up to you :)
    "Change it if you can't live with it and learn to live with it if you can't change it".


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