Sunday, January 30, 2011

Writer's Identity

I think I am having an identity crisis! I created a second account on Face Book strictly for my writing world. I already had an account devoted to my Tarot world friends and business contacts. The two accounts started blending, so I deactivated the author account. Thank you, Face Book - my friends from my second account are showing up on the first one - at last some of them are. Both accounts were under the same name (yes, that was possible), so my contacts do friends show as friends on my other account -I hope I didn't lose anybody! LOL Rereading this first paragraph, I am pretty sure that everyone is going "What?" Hey - It has been that kind of day!

I got my first refusal for an interview today. Now, granted, it was in another genre than I usually write in, and the excuse was valid, but it still did not feel good. I am very happy that it is almost midnight,and a new day will be starting.

As writers, how do we keep our identities separate? Not necessarily our writing identities (where we may choose to use different names in different genres), but our various selves,which for me right now consists of Tarot reader/reviewer/interviewer/author, music promoter/editor, and mystery writer.

Perhaps someday I will have an answer for this.

(c) January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


  1. That's a really valid question Bonnie, and one I struggle with myself. There's so many parts of me that don't always seem to go together. I've tried to separate them but I find that difficult to maintain. So like your Facebook account this year I'm merging into 1 me ;-)


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