Monday, May 9, 2011

Allowing The Flow

I had hoped to get my WIP finished and edited in April. We are ten days into May and that has not happened. Life interferes! However, I am at a point where I am comfortable allowing life ti interfere. If I see a side issue that I want to follow, I allow myself to do that. Quite often it leads me to new places, and a new understanding of what I am already working on.

I have found that the time I spend on my music connected work not only gives me great joy, but energises me. I like the contacts that I am making, and love listening to the new (to me) music. I often use it as a backdrop while I am working ... especially the instrumental work of jazz saxophonist Charley Langer. Wonderful person, soulful music!

I am actively developing my characters for my WIP ... some of whom are surprising me! One couple that will probably only appear in this book (I intend this book to be the start of a series) are turning out to be very strong people. Strong because of their background, and strong because of their connection with life.

Another character is showing a bit of who I am (all of my characters are amalgums of the people that I know in my life, and people that I have read about) ... a part that again surprises me. Not that the qualities are there, but that I am willing to talk about them.

My bible for this book is growing beyond what I thought that it would be. I have to smile when I think back to the mystery shows that I have watched, where the writer is murdered, and the bible for their work is stolen. I thought this would be maybe a few pages - important pages, but just a few pages. It is close to being a book in and of itself!

I am also in the process of setting up a web-based class, as a prelude to doing webinars and online seminars for my upcoming Tarot book. I want to use the first class, which will be on a topic only tangentially related to my book, to see what I need to practice, what tools I need to be able to use in a stronger fashion. I am lucky, in that I have picked out two individuals that host webinars and classes, and will be scheduling through them. Win/win - they have a seminar or class to present through their company, and I have someone to watch the chatroom and help me through the technical morass.

Next up - finding mystery writer's blogs to follow, and perhaps one or two more writers groups to join. Thank you Google Calendar for being there to keep me straight!


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