Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here? There is so much out there about traditional publishing companies versus self-publishing - it really gets confusing. I am still trying to absorb a blog that a friend of mine just posted. They had originally self-published their work - a divination deck. Then they had a very viable offer to take their deck to a traditional publisher, and they accepted the offer. I was thrilled for them, and thrilled that my book was going to be published by the same publisher.

My friend edited their images, at the publishers request, to appeal to a larger audience. The whole framework of the project changed, but my friend was good with that. When their deck and book came out, it was so very beautifully presented, and I just knew that they would be taking off quickly! This was all several months ago, and it has not taken off. It is not in the bookstores that it should be in, and is not getting the promotion from the publisher that it should be getting. My friend put a great deal of time and energy into this project - which has now practically bankrupted them!

To top things off, software (and hardware) was stolen from their office - material that they needed to do their "9-5" work. This has still not been resolved. They are talking about leaving the field that they published in, which I feel would be a shame. They have great insight into the field, and a wonderful product that acts as a tool for empowerment on all levels. My prayers go out to this person ... may there be some justice in life, and may they see the benefits of their work. They have done promotional videos, blog talk radio spots, and created a stunning blog site. This cannot possibly be for nought!

I look at myself, being published by this same publisher. Then I wonder if all publishers are the same. I have seen my galley's, and they look wonderful! But the process has not been an easy one, and I have always felt/known that the brunt of the marketing was on me. Because of this, I feel that self-publishing is going to be my best bet. My publisher has first right of refusal for my next two books. After that - I think that self-publishing is my best bet. (Including publishing through Kindle.)

Where do we go from here? We make the most informed decisions that we can, map out a plan, and follow the plan. Life is getting scary, but I would rather be scared than remain in my little safe place, going nowhere.

(c) May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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