Sunday, October 23, 2011

Upcoming News

It's October - I could not resist the cat and the pumpkins! I have a small pumpkin sitting on a table outside my front door - I will carve it on All Hallow's Eve morning. I have to have at least one carved pumpkin to burn a candle in. The Halloween decorations have been out since the last day of September - I love them so much!

I got my EDL (Enhanced Driver's License) in the mail, so I am definitely going to Canada for the seminar on money management with my sister. Definitely looking forward to that! In the process I ordered my birth certificate, which got here in record time, so I can now also start the process of applying for a passport.

I will have some very exciting news Monday - stay tuned!

Having a great deal of fun with Flash Fiction. I did a pseudo scary dark side oriented story that is turning into a series (that you to all those that encouraged me to do so!). The series can be found here - "The Night Has Eyes" . Right now I am looking at four parts, with the final story going up on All Hallows Eve.

I have several webinars set up with the incredible Mary Nale! I hope that you will all join us - the more the merrier! Here are the dates:

November 5th - Journeying With Tarot Birth Cards
December 10th - Guided Meditations
December 24 - Communication With Spirit Guides
January 7th - Shamanic Journeys
January 21st - Creative Writing
February 11th - How To Get Your Book Published
February 25th - Writing Reviews

To sign up for the webinars, stay tuned to Attune Magazine!

(c) October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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