Saturday, April 14, 2012

Countdown ...

I am in the process of coding my second Tarot book, and sending it in to my editor. Since this is my second book, I am a bit calmer than I was the first time. I think writer's will always worry about things like "Have I said this right?", or "Should I have included more (or less)?" We even stress over things like punctuation, especially if we are writing in a niche field.

None of this is what concerns me right now. it is the little things that I need to put together and send with my manuscript, like:

1. About the book - long description and jacket copy.
2. Short description for backlist catalog.
3. Author bio (catalog).
4. Author bio - (jacket).
5. A concise summary of the book.
6. A description of the book's breadth.
7. A tantalizing tidbit that will grab the readers attention.
8. Keywords, for Internet search, indexing, category selection, differentiation.
9. Two copies of the backup files.
10. Update marketing survey and contact list.

I am very happy that I have all of this to do, but at the same time I have the concern that I will miss something. As authors, we do the best we canb. Then we take a deep breath, drop back ten, and punt!

(c) April 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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