Thursday, January 17, 2013

Videos Rule!

I don’t have a Smart phone, so apps are not part of my world. So why did an app for videos draw my attention? I stopped to listen because it was presented to me by someone that I respect and trust, and because the app site is clean and straightforward. And because the apps are all about personal development. 

What, pray tell, is this wonderful app? And why am I talking about it on my author’s blog?
This wonderful app is the Inspired Living Application, known as iLA. I am talking about it on my author’s blog because the videos that are sent out on a weekly basis (or will be sending out … it is in prelaunch, with a launch date of February 1st) are of the personal development nature. You will be learning about things like personal development, time management, and wealth building.

The videos are high quality, and professionally produced, presented by top professionals in the field. They are delivered to your mobile device on a weekly basis, and are archived on the site. Topics include goal setting, time management, personal development, business development, leadership development, financial management, personal motivation, and more.  

The app was developed by John Marr, Vice President of iLA, and developer of over 20 five star apps.

There are three defined levels of enrollment:

Free: Delivery of the weekly video content.

Retail Customer: Delivery of the weekly video content, with access to archived videos.

Associate: Delivery of the weekly video content, access to archived videos, a personal website, and the ability to earn from the matrix program.

As writers, we need to see ourselves as business people. We need to stay motivated, and we know how to build a future for ourselves. Motivational videos have a place here … they are a tool that we can use to define and meet our goals, and create the life that we really want.

If you want to check the iLA program out, here is the line to my site (yes, I am an associate):

Wishing you all much success!

© January 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

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