Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Courageous Are You?

Courage. What a marvelous word that is! We could accomplish soooooo many things ... if only we had the courage. As writers, we need courage. We need the courage to imagine a project, the courage to begin it, and the courage to follow it through. We need the courage to create our own boundaries ... and the courage to blast through self-imposed boundaries and create brave new worlds. We need to have the courage to not allow others to define who we are as individuals, or what our work stands for,

Without courage, our projects will all look like the work that has come before them. Without courage, the blank canvas that we begin with becomes nothing more than words in a sea of gray ... words without real meaning, words that tell a stilted story ... if they tell a story at all.

Where do you find your courage? What path (or paths) are you following? Who or what are you using as a role model/mentor/path finder? Do you  need a retreat to find the real you? Is your courage found only when you are surrounded by like minded people? Does your courage step back when you enter the "real world"?

Where do you want your work to go? What do you want it to say? 

How courageous are you?

(c) January 2013 Bonnie Cehovet  


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