Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Long Nights

This has been another of those very long nights. Not complaining - I do my best work at night. But this has been a labor intensive, pay attention to detail marathon to put together the book that I am co-authoring with Brad Tesh. It is finally together, and we know what we need to add to it. Then it will need to be proofread a few times, edited a few times,and formatted for submission. Of course, submitting the book for distribution is the beginning of another process - promotion. This is a process that I don't like really well. 

I did the change-over from my Google Reader feed to a WordPress app - I m not very impressed with it. The exporting of info from the Google Reader went very well (thanks to a lady in the Google + Women community!), I just don't like the WordPress format. LOL I will continue to follow my Google Reader until they take it away from me on July 1st!

I am getting ready to start another e-book - this one on  the Art of Making Choices. Quite excited about this project!

Heads up on a very interesting lady - Mary Nale of Attune Magazine. Her near future plans include a series of writing broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio - you can access the schedule here. She is also accepting submissions in diverse categories for her quarterly, Attune Magazine.   

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