Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have been following the blog for on Google +. Excellent blogs, including the one today entitled "Homey Don't Play That!" It was this blog that made me decide to make this site the topic of my author's blog today. No, this is not a writing site. It is a site where you can market your product by joining different circles (buying, selling, and information are the three headers for the community of circles). They market themselves as a site that brings people together. Through their "circles" concept, you can target your interest,whether you are buying, selling, or gathering information.

With a user can join a circle, create a circle, and share a circle. It is free to create a circle, and you can speak directly to anyone within the circle. This site can be used by individuals or businesses, to promote and grow whatever they are interested in. This is a free advertising and promotional platform. To become active within the site, you can either register for free, or sign in with Facebook. You can join a circle or leave a circle at any time.

The blogs are quite interesting, and talk about what the site has to offer. I just glanced through the FAQ, and it seems to hit the questions that I might want to ask.  The site is evolving, so I am sure that the FAQ will also. There is also a feature called "stir the pot". When you have a circle, and you are not getting the results that you want or need, Kung Phoo will get involved, and "stir the pot". Very col!

The current Hot Circles include: Free Women In Business Mentoring, Facebook Like Exchange - Free Advertising,Business Pinterest Follower Exchange, Free Friends For Life, Work From Home, Free Advertising Program, and Twitter Follower Exchange.

I was going to sign up through Facebook, but too much information would have been shared: public profile, friend lust, e-mail address and news feed. So, I did the free sign up. Basic information required - name, e-mail addy, user name, and password. I am now a member! I checked out a few keywords for circles, and it is clear that this site is in the beginning stages. This is a good thing! We can grow with it!

I think that I am going to have fun here! You may want to check this out ... you can have fun too! Especially if you want to promote your work!

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