Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Solstice

Sitting here listening to Rose Royce, and deeply lost in "Memba when " time. What a year this has been. My major accomplishments seem to have been in saying no (with a few exceptions). I am getting better at that no word! I never thought that it would be so hard to move from one world into another. (For me, that is leaving the public world of Tarot reading, and moving into the world of (for the most part) fiction writing.) And moving even further into the Hermit world. I seem to do better in that world.

Two projects that I am focusing on will be done by the end of the year - redoing my book on surviving the holidays, and writing a book on the decision making process. My mystery novel will have to wait until next year. Not putting it off ... this is just the reality of the situation. I am still working a "pay the rent" job, and have other responsibilities. I am also starting to put together the holiday promotions for the three books that I have written, as well as the book that I co-wrote.

I am looking closer into Google + and Linked In as marketing avenues for my books. I know more about what I do not want to do (guest blogging, or blog hops) than what I want to do. Fine tuning my blogs for SEO, and getting my act together to start doing videos for my blogs, and for You Tube.

From Google +, Linked In, and Facebook, I have gathered some incredible resource material. From Social Examiner, we have "7 Ways To Increase Your Blog's Social Media Shares". From Tim Brown, we have "The One Thing You Need To Generate Great Ideas". From Cate Baum at Self Publishing Review, we have "Eight Most Common Editing Errors In Self-Published Books". From Kristen Lamb we have "Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors".

I was shocked this past week to read a post on Google + from a lady that does financial blogs focused on women and business. She will no longer be doing these blogs. Her focus is going to be on other areas of her life. However, she is graciously leaving them up on her site for reference. When I got over being socked, I realized that she was in the same space in her life that I am in mine. Both of us can and will make the transitions that we need to make to create the present and future that we are envisioning.

This is what I am taking into my Summer Solstice. What are you taking into yours?

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