Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time To Rev My Writing Engines Again!

I usually check for an image before I start writing my blog. This was the first image Google showed me, and I loved it! I remember the "way back when days", and we were taught in grade school how to write, using fountain pens. I am quite sure that was a bit of a mess! I still adore pens, and writing. I visit the Mont Blanc site every so often, drooling over their pens, and deciding which one I will gift myself with when I have the money. And yes ... owning one of their pens is a priority!

I have managed to update my book on Surviving the Holidays. What a trip ... including having to change the cover, because the image that I had used the first time simply wouldn't take! I used the template that Create Space offered, so all is good to go there. At the end of October I am going to use a new marketing technique that fell into my lap just today. A free PDF was offered on getting 63 reviews on Kindle over a three day period. Promoting the contest (yes, a contest was involved) was basically free (use e-mail and the social media to spread the word).  The prize offered (that I will have to buy) is to be a Kindle Fire. I am having a hard time promoting my books, so I am going to take a one time risk, and do this. Stay tuned ... the price of admission is 99 cents (the cost of my e-book, offered over a three day period), and a review of my book. Reviews are hard to come by, so I am looking forward to this!

I lost a month in the shuffle, but I am committing to writing this blog once a month. I may very well begin doing flash fiction again, but not on any set schedule. I am looking for a way to present my flash fiction in e-book format. That is a little dicey! (I do the 100 words or less version of flash fiction, so one story to a page would look a bit ludicrous!)

I am still working on my decision making book, which will be out in January 2015. I was going to push to get it out before the holiday season, but I felt that tying it into the New Year, and all of the decisions that we make around that time, was a better bet.

Once that is out, my focus is on my first mystery book! I have learned to say no this year, and that is a good thing. I am finding that I need more and more time for myself, whether I am writing, reading mystery's, or watching a bit of TV. (I record my shows, and watch them when I want to. the TV schedule rarely agrees with my schedule!)  And I have to have time for my beloved Formula One races!

I am committed to two Tarot conferences for next year (and more than likely, for coming years): The Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland Oregon, next March, and the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS), which is held in August in San Jose, CA.

Wishing you all fabulous writing!

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