Saturday, February 7, 2015

Curating Content

Curated content - I love that phrase! So elegant, so ... professional! I also happen to love - they have some great stuff! That great stuff includes an article on - ta da! - content curation!  As bloggers, we are often looking for relevant content to share with our readers. Why share? Because it keeps our name out there, and it helps build credibility. 

One thing that surprised me is that curated content can also include our own articles. Most of us have a few articles out there - if what we have written is timely, if it serves a purpose, it makes sense to dust it off. We share other people's work, why not share our own! 

That lovely word "curated" - one definition would be to select, organize, and present using professional or expert knowledge. What that means for us is that we are searching for, and presenting, the best of the best. The article that I have linked to above presents several tools that can be used for curating content, including Post Planner, which cruises Facebook for content, Buffer, which is an app that helps to locate trending and popular content, and Edgar, which organizes and automates what and when you share. I have not personally used any of these tools, but I do feel that they are worth checking out.

From, download a free guide to content distribution. Also from, an incredible blog on advanced content "hacks". (No, you aren't going to hack anybody!) At, download a free guide to content curation. I love the questions here, covering topics such as content curation and copyright, pirating content, and generally curating content in an ethical manner.   


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