Monday, March 23, 2015

Up Your e-Mail With Sidekick!

Just a short blog to let you know about my latest toy - an app entitled Sidekick. What does Sidekick do? It tracks when people open your e-mail (each time that they open it), as well as when they respond to you. This is important to me on a personal level (no more wondering if something has been opened and read), and on a professional level (seeing that an e-mail has been opened, and how many times it has been opened, so that I know when and if to do a follow-up).

I also appreciate the fact that Sidekick sends live notifications when someone opens one of my e-mails (this appears in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen). I didn't expect that, so it surprised me at first. But then I really appreciated it, because even if I wasn't on my e-mail site, I could immediately go there to reply if I knew that someone had replied to me. When I have projects going, and I often do, this is a God send!

A future feature for Sidekick is the ability to schedule e-mails, and have them go out at a specific day and time. This feature can also be used to send reminders to yourself - which for me will work well in keeping track of scheduled phone calls and webinars.

This app is compatible with g-mail, Outlook, and Apple e-mail, Salesforce and Hubspot.

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