Monday, January 2, 2017

How Are You Going To Handle 2017?

How are you going to handle 2017? You didn't realize that you were supposed to handle it? Think about it this way -what we don't attempt to handle ends up handling us! IMHO, resoutions are not the way to handle anything. I do not make New Year's resolutions - haven't for years. They seem to have no relevance, no meaning, and were quickly left behind (often leaving me feeling as if I had failed). I spend time each December tying up loose ends, and releasing that from the previous year that I do not want to carry into the new year. I make peace with the old year, and honor it for what it brought to me, and for the lessons that I learned. I take the time to think about where I am going in the new year, what I hope to accomplish, and how I can get it accomplished. I set goals for the different areas of my life, and I make a list of steps that I can take to accomplish those goals. 

Numerologically, 2017 is a number one year, a year of new beginnings, a year in which we find independence, a year in which we align with our creative natures. If we do the work, this is a year in which we become that person that we are capable of becoming. This is of course an overall energy for the year for everyone. It overlays what is termed our personal year (see more about personal years). It all sounds nice and easy, doesn't it? Well, 2016 was an election year in the U.S. - quite a disruptive year politically, and as a country we are going into a new year with a proposed cabinet that is top heavy with people that are totally inappropriate for the positions they have been proposed for, and a president-elect that a large part of the country wants to see impeached. Can we, with clear minds, focus only on personal goals for the coming year (as we would for most years)? For me, the answer is no.

Part of what the Trump administration wants to do is dismantle/privatize both Medicare and Social Security. I am of an age when I depend on both, so I will be watching whatever actions are being taken in Washington DC, and taking whatever personal actions that I can to make my voice, and my opinions, known. This is part of my "handling" the new year. I want to be part of putting the breaks on Trump et al, and fine tuning the political environment in this country so that a debacle like this does not happen again. This is one major area that I will setting goals in.

Other areas that I am setting goals for the new year in are finances, health, profession, personal relationships, personal development, spirituality. (Note: Each individual will define different life areas to set goals in. As circumstances change, the priority for these goals will change.) I found this article helpful in looking at how I determine my goals, and making sure that they support me. Here is another article that I found to be helpful.

Before we can even think about setting specific goals for specific life areas, we have to determine an overall view of who we are, and where we want to be in life. All of our goals should be set to support us in becoming the best person that we can be, so that our actions reflect our belief system. So that we are authentic, so that what we say and what we do reflects the same person. We need to know what our life path is, and how we want to follow it. 

You can determine your life path here.  What is your major energy? How do you want to reflect that energy into your life? What lessons do you need to learn? What opportunities await you? What challanges await you?

My hope for each of you is that you take the time to acknowedge the circumstances that will be surrounding you for the coming year, how they will affect how you walk your life path, and how you determine your goals. That you take advantage of the very positiv energy of 2017, that you do not hold yourself back when you set your goals, that you activate the creativity within you, and that you allow yourslef to shine!

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