Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Writing A Better Newsletter

I have done newsletters on and off over the years. Right now I am developing a newsletter that will, hopefully, help me promote my writing. I send it out on a monthly basis, and tweak it as I get feedback. (Many thanks to my friend Jamie Morris for her wonderful suggestions!)

I am always looking for ways to ramp up my newsetter. I do have the target audience - people who read my work, and other authors. I try to vary the content enough to hold the attention of my newsletter audience. (I was aghast to find out that having 10% of those that received my newsletter actually opening it was a good percentage! Note to self - write better subject lines!)

I include links to writing related articles, blogs, and tools that have crossed my path. From time to time I will include links to other authors whose work I admire. I also include links to books that I already have out there, and snippets from my WIP (thank you Jamie for this suggestion!).
Things that we can all do to make our newsletters better are:
  1. Keep our intended audience in mind when pulling the newsletter together.
  2. Create an editorial calender. For me, since my newsletter goes out monthly, that would be creating a list of twelve topics that I would like to address. the months that have major holidays I cheat, and use the holiday to base my newsletter around.
  3. Format the newsletter to look professional.
  4. Use an professional e-mail sender, such as Mail Chimp.
  5. Make you newsletter easy to scan, with bold headlines. People won't read your newsletter unless they see something that interests them.
  6.  Give your readers information (or links to information) they can actually use!
  7. Include links to your previous work - I have links to four of my books at the end of my newsletter.
  8. Include a pic of yourself, so that your readers can relate to you on a personal level.
  9. Be consistent - don't ramble!
  10. Make sure your readers can opt out easily if they want to.
  11. Ad images to create interest.
  12. Use a logo and tagline that will brand you for your readers.
  13. Include links to your professional site, as well as your social media sites.
  14. Check your newsletter before you send it, checking for spelling, grammar, and consistent photo size. 
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