Monday, May 28, 2018

Preparing For A Video Interview

In this blog we are going to be discussing getting reading for a video interview - from the POV of the interviewer and the individual being interviewed. 

For the individual doing the interview, you will want to make sure that you have a high speed Internet connection that you can count on, and that your microphone/headset are working properly. Contact the individual that you want to interview, and block out a good thirty mnutes of time. (Generally speaking, the video itself will only be about fifteen minutes long.) Confirm that they have Skype, and get their Skype contact info. Take the time to read the book that the individual you will be interviewing wrote, and develop 7-10 questions about them and the book. Have these questions where you can see them during your interview. Send the questions to the author (I don't want to blindside anyone, and I do want their feedback), and confirm the date and time of the interview. Call the author using Skype, tape the interview (make sure that you are actually taping so that the interview does not have to be redone), edit the interview, upload the interview to YouTube (or your site, wherever you are placing it), check to make sure the video is running well, then set it to live. Imbed a link to the video in your blog (if the video is not on your blog), and send the link to the individual that you interviewed so that they can share it out to their audience.   

For the individual being interviewed, you will want to come across as yourself. You have a wonderful chance here to widen your audience - they need to be able to connect with you as a real person, someone that they like, as well as connect with your writing. Make eye contact, so that your audience will feel that you are looking directly at them. Also, be very concise in your responses - don't ramble on!

For both the interviewer, and the individual bring interviewed, take care of the details! Make sure that you have a high speed internet connection that you can count on, that your webcam is at eye level, and that the lighting is flattering. Common sense says don't leave this until the last minute!  Make sure that your microphone and headset are working well, and that you have a backup number to contact the interviewer at if things go south!   

In my next blog I will be talking about what goes into creating a character for your book.

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