Monday, May 14, 2018

The Importance of Author Interviews

Author interviews can be an integral part of promoting books, whether brick and mortar or self-published. In the "way back when" days I did a lot of reviewing for Tarot/Divination books and decks, as well as self-help books. My interviews were always in written form, and I placed them on my professional blog (with links on my professional site), as well as placing the Tarot/Divination interviews on a well know Tarot/Divinaton site. I have also done audio interviews, and been the recipient of both written and audio interviews.

What purpose does an author interview serve? 

1. It helps connect us to other authors - when we network like this, we can help other authors, and they can help us.

2. It widens our reader audience, as we are introduced to the fans of other authors.

3. It helps promote name recognition.

4. It will help drive the sales of our books.

5. This is a sneaky reason - interviews help an author get a wider perspective of their own book!

What types of author interviews are there?

1. Written
2. Audio
3. Video
4. In person - as in live in front of an audience.

Where can we listen to/view author interviews? (Note: If you want to read/listen to an interview of a specific author - Google them!)

2. NPR 

In my next blog, I will be talking about interview questions, and giving focus to an interview.

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