Monday, August 6, 2018

Do I Get To Write What I Want To Write?

Can I write what I want to write? Will it sell? Do I need to check the market to see what is selling, and try to fit my writing into that? I am not a trendy person, so for me to be writing based on what is the latest trend does not make sense. It would be very forced on my part, it would not make me happy, and more than likely be seen as mediocre work, and would not sell well. Perhaps if I was writing non-fiction, this might work. But I write in the fiction genre, and my creative self has to be engaged for me to write anything. 

What we all have to realize is that there are no rules when it comes to writing. Well, okay, there are a few rules, but chosing a topic to write about is wide open. We need to want to write about whatever we are writing about. If we are attemting to write what we think will sell, there may not be that creative spark, that creative sense of adventure that we need to make our work stand out.

Write about what interests you. Write about what you want to know about. Don't let your fears stand in your way. Write about what excites you, with minimal thought as to whether it will sell. Your excitement will come through, and you will sell! 

Sit down, start writing, and be willing to face your fears. Keep writing - allow your writing to flow. You can edit later. You can discard, add new elements ... you can do whatever you want to do. This is your writing, your story, and it needs to be told your way! Write a promotional blurb about what your book is about. Use that blurb to write an outline. Expand the outline as you write. You will end up with a solid story that will hold your readers attention!

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