Monday, August 20, 2018

OMG - Am I In The Right Genre?

I am definitely focused on writing in the mystery genre. I have even fine tuned that to the cozy mystery genre. No cursing, no explicit sex scenes, no blood and guts. Just a gentle story. Gentle, but interesting. My protagonist has decided that her back story is that she worked for a clandestine organization for her entire life - recruited right out of college. She is not a spy, she simply works to keep the art and writings of the world out of sinister hands.

That part of her backstory, while edgy, is still acceptable for the cozy mystery genre. So, let's talk about how she does this. She is skilled in divination and dream work, has the ability to read photo's, can access people's thoughts from a distance, and can move backward and forward in time. I am sure there are people that think this book should be in another category. So ... what do I do about that?

Because I am self-published, I don't really have to do anything. I chose the genre for my book, and it will be cozy mystery. I also know that each book in the series for this protagonist will bring in different elements re her abilities. They will always be portrayed in a quiet, gentle manner. So why am I worried? 

I am worried because I want this series to be successful. Do I plan on changing anything to "fit" the genre bettter? No. I would rather redefine the genre! My protagonist is stepping out as who she is, not who someone else thinks she should be.  She needs to be authentic to herself, without carrying the "New Age" banner. It will be surprising to some just how far our five senses can carry us! Let the games begin!

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