Monday, February 18, 2019

Small Actions Have Great Meaning

No, this is not my home office. Close, but not. The point here is that the desk is clear and ready to be worked at. I have been working a lot lately - too much, but the rent and the bills need to be paid. I have it down now so I can take one whole day a week off - and that I spend cleaning house. I can do errands, grocery shopping etc. on any day, and still put in a full day at work. 

How can I do this? I work from an office in my home. Working all but one day of the week, I tend to leave out on my desk my phone (a land line that is only used for my phone readings), a deck of Tarot cards (the Morgan-Greer is my reading deck), and a stack of templates to write basic caller information on. And more than occasionally my sixteen pound Orange Tabby, Pumpkin. (No, I did not name him, my mother did!)

I do the usual Internet work - checking e-mails, and my social media sites, writing this blog, and a flash fiction blog. My co-author and I are in the editing stages of a book on spirituality, and I have my own mystery book in process. What I finally recognized is that I needed a clear desk when not doing phone line work. So now I clear my desk each night so that I can do other work in peace. 

A small action, with great meaning!

(c) February 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
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