Monday, February 11, 2019

Too Many Storylines - Too Little Time

Writer's are surrounded by stories - everyone, everything has a story to tell. The first thing that we need to do is jot down ideas as they come. Ideas are very flighty, you know - they come and leave of their own accord. If I am home, I jot these flighty little ideas down in an e-file. If I am out and about, I create a memo on my cell phone. The really cool thing about cell phones is that I can take a picture to go with it. Not that I will use the picture to do more than jog my memory - the rights of the person/people being photographed and all that.

What do we do with ideas that don't ever develop into anything? I hold on to them - they may at some point in time find their story! The ideas that are willing to be developed - some may go into short stories, some may go into books, some may develop into a series. 

Everywhere we go there are stories. People dancing down the aisles in a grocery store (I did see this happen, and it was store employees doing the dancing!),  the individual ahead of us waiting to mail a package, the exotic looking lady getting her nails done ... they all have their stories. And guess what - sometimes their stories will merge!

We are gifted with ideas for stories every day - we simply need to decide which ones we are going to run with, and which ones we will sit on for a while. Nothing is at it seems - you and I can see the same thing, and write two very different stories. This is the magic of life!

Happy writing!

(c) February 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
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