Monday, April 1, 2019

Back Cover Blurbs - How To Make Your Book Shine

What purpose does your back cover blurb serve? It is the magic carpet to getting people to buy your book! That is how important these few words are. So, how do you go about creating copy that will draw people in, excite them, and make them want to read your book?

Generally speaking, the copy on the back cover is simply a "blurb", a short paragraph of approximately 250 words or less. It needs to draw prospective readers in and make them want to buy and read your book. Your blurb is not meant to be a synopsis of your book, or a description of your book. It is meant to be a sales pitch. That matters to those of us publishing on Amazon, because Amazon is now showing back covers on the sales page!

To create some type of template for yourself, look at the back cover blurbs of several authors within your own genre. What is similar about them, and what is different? Take what you like about the style, and apply it to your own blurb. 

Think like your prospective reader - what do you want to know about a book before you buy it? What makes you want to buy a book in the genre you are writing in?

Your first sentence needs to draw in a potential reader. It has to make them want to read on! Mention your characters, and highlight the tension between them. Who is doing what to whom! Show the tension - then leave your potential reader hanging. If they want to know what happens - they can read the book! Speak in the emotional language of potential readers. Use short sentences, and speak in your own voice!

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