Monday, April 8, 2019

Changing Up ... Who Knew!

Change is not something that I take to readily. Cozy mystery is the genre that I like reading, and that I want to write in. So ... my first mystery is turning out to be quite the "noir" style affair! When I realized that it was going to be a bit much for the cozy mystery crowd, I turned it into a three book series (in my mind). I did not want a stand-alone book, and two books does not a series make, so it will be three books.

Each book will feature the same protagonist, but the focus will be on different supporting characters. Their lives are all intertwined - at least they were for a very long time. So the flow between books should not be that hard. I am going to have to change the locale for this (short) series, though, as I want the local that I started with to be the one for my cozy mystery. 

One of the bonuses to this change is that I can keep all of the action in one city. I don't have to research private planes, or airports that handle private planes. Yes! I can still keep the luxurious mansion that the action takes place in, and I will be talking about a part of the country that I actually know something about!

As writers, we need to be able to accept this type of change and flow with it. Yes, I am going to have to rewrite a few things, but that won't take long. How do you feel about your stories when they take an abrupt left turn like this?  Are you willing to follow your muse and make the change?

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