Monday, May 6, 2019

Editing An Already Published Book

As soon as I get my latest book review done, I am going to start line by line editing the latest book from my co-author Brad Tesh and myself ("Invisible Me - Journeying Through The Soul"). It has been up for a few weeks now, but we saw errors immediately (some mine, some errors in formatting). I decided to wait a month or so, then go through the book edit, and put it back up.

Are you aware that there is even a YouTube video on this exact thing! ("How To Edit Kindle Books You Have Already Published") I probably shouldn't have been surprised - but I was! I mean - Brad and I aren't the only people this has happened to! KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) of course has this covered too - "How Do I Edit A Published Book". 

Most times the edits will be minor - spacing, typos, spelling errors, words that were inadvertently left out. Especially if you edited your own book, as we did, it is easy to see what you "know" should be there, as opposed to what is appearing on the written page. Other times you will have an epiphany, and a major edit is in order! The good thing is that as a self-published author, you can do this. 

For a comprehensive look at what you should be looking for when editing, see "How To Edit A Book For Self-Publishing Success", by Joseph Hogue, CFA.

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