Monday, October 28, 2019

Does Our Voice As A Writer Change Over Time?

As writer's we all know what our "voice" is - it is how we express ourselves through our characters. It is the emotions, feelings, and ways of looking at things that make our characters real. It remains the same from book to book, article to article. Well, it does if we have defined our voice, that spark that make reflects the authenticity of who we are. It reflects our personality and life experiences. It is what keeps our readers coming back.

Does our voice change over time? From my experience, I would say yes. So, what are we doing ... reinventing ourselves? Not at all. We are simply reflecting new life experiences and our evolving personality because of them. The change comes over time, and is very subtle. We are simply an updated version of who we were.

Allow your voice to grow. Allow yourself to reflect your life experiences. Allow your readers to grow with you.

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