Friday, July 17, 2020

New Works In Progress (WIP)

I have been focused for several months now on making changes within my home. I have to say, I am very pleased with how everything is coming together! Now I can get back into my writing, which has been on the back burner all these months. Me being me, I take a lot of "side trips". I like to think of it as seizing opportunities as they appear. Whatever it is, it works for me.

My latest side trip happened when I was looking for a graphic for this article. I came upon a book for writers that was focused on journaling. Well, of course, I had to take a moment or two and order it!

I have been looking at two basic areas for writing that will be out this year (2020) - creating one or two journals and getting them up on Amazon, and writing a Christmas book. I have a couple of really good thoughts for themes for the journals, and the Christmas story has already started writing itself inside my head.

I am going to seriously put Scrivener software to use, so I went over the introductory material, and am winding my way through the videos. I am really looking forward to using the "notes" function so that I don't shoot myself in the foot with the storyline and character arcs.  

My sister shared information on creating journals. The author is Alessandro Zamboni, and he has a product called Journals Empire 2 that walks us through the process of choosing a theme for a journal, creating it, and marketing it. You can find it at  Journals Empire 2  I also purchased some really great journaling templates from Mr. Zamboni, and hope to make best use of them. This is a totally new endeavor for me! 

I have been on a roll, so I followed another link that my sister sent me - a link to software entitled KDSPY (KDSPY. This is definitely a writer's best friend! It shows revenue metrics, keywords, and more! You can keep track of how well you are doing, as well as check out revenue and keywords for other authors in your genre. You can also see how many books you need to sell within a 24 hour period to rank in the top 20 of your genre. Hint: Keywords are useful when you place your book on Amazon, but they are also useful in writing ads!

I am looking forward to putting all of this information to good use!

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  1. Oh, Bonnie, journaling is so exciting!!! I love it as a genre! Looking forward to reading yours! xxoo


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