Saturday, August 7, 2010

End Notes

I finished proofreading my WIP Thursday, and coded it yesterday (Friday). For the most part I am happy with it - I think it says what I want it to say. Now I have to take today to write up the promo material, and next week I will get it sent off to my editor.

One thing that I am very happy about - the reference books that I needed to keep available have now been replaced in their proper locations. That certainly frees up some energy! I love my books, but they were taking up space!

Where do I go from here? Several directions - at the same time! ;-) I will be focusing on how to promote this project (my book, an artist friend's deck), and a promotion schedule. I know that the mss will be coming back from my editor with "suggestions" that will need to be acted on. I am thinking about the topic for my next Tarot book, about e-books on personal empowerment, about where to place my flash fiction, and firming up thoughts on a cozy mystery series.

I am coming to a better understanding of how artists and authors can be so into a specific porject, but when that project is done, one moves on to the next. We promote the first project, we don't forget it, but we move on to new thngs. It is not good to become all too attached to what we are doing/have done/will be doing.

Life is for the living - and we need to dream, and live, to our fullest potential.

(c) August 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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