Sunday, July 24, 2011

Playing Nice

I love the fire and energy of the dragon! I grew up in Seattle, WA, where there is a large Chinese community. At all of the major parades, the community brings out a beautiful dragon. They run quickly along the parade route, moving the dragon up and down, and from side to side. It is absolutely fascinating to watch the runners move in and out as they relieve each other at their stations. This is done on the run, of course, so one person is timing themselves in as the one carrying the pole is timing their way out. Focus, attention ... and a huge amount of caring is going on here!

I think that we need to place this same focus and intent into all that we do. Many of us blog, Tweet, have pages on Face Book, personal and/or business sites, and are generally putting ourselves out there. We know at least a little bit about SEO, can upload photo's, and perhaps even play around with video's (at least at the Animoto level). Then we sit back and wait for life to happen.

People, we have to interact to make life happen! So we have a (usually expanding) RSS feed. We actually even read the posts. Good, yes? Good, to a point. Read the blogs, then (if you have something to say) comment on the blog. This is polite ... it shows respect. And ... if you comment on someone else's blog, they may even become inclined to comment on yours! Also ... look for the Google Plus One button, the Face Book "Like" button, and any share buttons that might be there. If the post is a good one, please help promote it. Put that energy out there, and someone will be there to do the same for you.

One last thought here. Please comment on the content ... that should be your focus. Commenting on blogs is not the place to promote your own work.

I have made a commitment to watching for all of the above on any blogs/sites that I visit. The Internet is a bold new territory, and we are being gifted with some awesome tools for navigation! May we each have the common sense to educate ourselves about these tools, and use them wisely.

(c) July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


  1. As always, I love your comments. I feel that I've gained a lot from reading others' work. I find the comments people make on my posts enormously helpful as well.

  2. Nice post. I lived in Seattle for a few years, so I got to see the Dragon. I've found expanding my contacts on the internet to be extremely helpful in learning and to find new things and people I didn't know about (like you). :-)

    But I'm really looking forward to expanding my real-life contacts more and doing more in-person readings. This is where the real growth is going to happen! (for me)

  3. Dragon tails...what's true. Thanks for bein you and for all that you do:)
    always helping others work to be seen...
    its your turn...and I'm on your team!!!
    be light be bright Bonnie you are ssooo right. It really stinks when you put the best of you out there hoping that it will make some does:)


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