Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Road To Promotion

What a day this has been! It started out very nicely - I started adding friends to my Google + circles, and did a fairly good job. Next stop - add Google +1 to my blogs and site. Easier said than done. Hours later I finally had it up on my site ((patting self on back, and sending kudos to Theresa Reed and Abela Arthur.), but I still need to figure out how to add it to my blog sites ( and

Being the social network maven that I am, my next foray into surrealism was to attempt to add Twitter and Facebook follow buttons to my site, and to both blogs. I did manage to get both on my site - although there is a link-back to the button creator. I cannot seem to "adjust" a plugin for those buttons on my site. I am dangerous with coding ... I really am! ;-) Note to self: Please start a fund to get a real webmaster in to dust off your site and blogs!

I am a Cappie - I will go back and work on the apps. There has to be a way to do this! LOL

I also edited the page that I had set up on my site for my upcoming book (Tarot, Birth Cards, and You: Keys To Empowering Yourself). I had put some examples of content on the page, but was not comfortable with it - the text was too long. So I took most of the sample text out - it reads much better, and my site visitors will not be bored out of their minds!

Once I get all of the above taken care of, I am going to follow the advice of my good friend Mary Nale, and put an audio message on my book page. I may also put an audio message on my landing page for my site. Things are definitely starting to open up here!

Now ... off to write an outline of the material that I will be presenting in my webinar with Linda Marson!

(c) July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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