Saturday, March 17, 2012

Take Action

I am going to talk a little bit today about what marketer Pat Flynn calls the “take action” area of a blog or article. This is the area – usually beneath the blog or article, that allows the reader to share the content that they have just read, and bookmark it. This area may also include a link to sign up for a newsletter, and/or links to related posts. Lots of action going on here!

At this point, as a blogger I am not concerned about sending out a newsletter myself, but if I like an individual’s site, I will place them on my RSS feed and sign up for their newsletter. I do make it a point to share blogs or articles that I find relevant and informative on the three major social media sites – Face Book, Twitter, and Google +. I feel that in doing so I am helping someone share information that they have worked to put out there, as well as put out a seed for someone to do the same with my work.

Here are a few links where you can get a “share” plugin:

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