Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So Much Info ... So Little Time!

I cannot believe the amount of very cool information that has come my way this week! Let's start out with a link that my sister, Becky Lundin, sent me, from marketer Tiffany Dow: Google Author Tags. This is a really great concept, basically creating a two way link between an author's blog and their Google + page. It is not too difficult to impliment, and creates a sense of "authority" when the author shows up in a Google search by placing their photo tot he left hand side of their link. Here are a couple of other links that may help you to understand this process: Adding the Rel=Author To Wordpress, and How To Impliment rel=author For Enhanced Search Results.

This is a serious article, written with a sense of humor. I came close to falling out of my chair laughing at mistake number ten! 15 Word Press User Errors That Make You Look SIlly (Infographic).

This next link is from Rodney Holt, founder of Concept Visual Inc.. Rod was the presenter of the first (and only, so far!) Google Hangout that I have ever attended. He is bright, asks the right questions, has a great sense of humor ... and ... of importance to us authors ... his company does an incredible job of creating promotion packages for books. His packages include a video book trailer, book cover,exclusive author interviews, enhanced SEO, and increased visibility of Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In, and exposure on his author interview show. His latest package can be seen here: Concept Visual Special. Check Rod out!

Last, but not least, a few words on a really incredible e-book by Shelley Hitz - Marketing Your Book On Amazon - 21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales. Well written, with step by step instructions on what to do, when, and where. The sections on the Amazon sales page, and the Author Profile page were areas that I needed to "up". Wonderful reference material here!

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