Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Almost There!

I am almost there with my first self-help eBook. It is written, and edited. The first in a series of self-help books, this one is on maintaining ones sanity during the holidays. Once I had the format down on how I wanted to present the information, the writing went quickly.

Many thanks to Canadian artist Pamela Steele, who created the cover for me. A task way beyond my abilities, she did a fantastic job! The imagery accurately reflects the intention of this small (17,040 word) book – that we maintain control of our lives during the craziest time of the year, when demands far exceed our time and other resources.

I have the short blurb (a description for the back of the book) and the long blurb (for the sales page) ready to go. Tomorrow I will be formatting the book and the blurbs, and getting them up on Smashwords. Then I will need to create a separate page on my site to promote it. At the same time, I think I will separate my Tarot work from my other writing, so that you can move to different sections right from the home page.

I am also looking at which categories are best to publish and promote this series in, and at keywords. Then I need to look at what kind of posts I want to make on the social networking sites, so that people aren't seeing and hearing the same thing day after day.

I am also looking at where I want to see this series go, and in what sequence. One book a quarter, for as long as I can come up with fresh ideas. As long as people want to improve themselves, I think there will be fresh ideas!

I love the process of writing, and am beginning to tune in more to the process of publishing, and e-publishing. Whatever your passion is … follow it!

© November 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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