Monday, July 3, 2017

Perspective Is The Key

I have been absolutely distraught over this year's 4th of July celebrations. With our current government, we closely resemble a sinking ship! Our president has appointed people to high positions with the thought of deconstructing our government, not of making it better. There are so many issues going on that I doubt that I would be able to list them all - including disappearing healthcare, pulling out of the Paris accord, pulling the legs out from under Planned Parenthood, dissolving women's issues in general, taking environmental protections away, wasting untold millions on playing golf, and the president lying about anything and everything. And choosing Twitter as his means of reaching the people! We have had two major resignations within the DOJ -  Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary B McCord , and former federal prosecutor Hui Chen

In the eyes of the world, America looks like a bunch of fools! With all of this going on, how could I in good conscience celebrate our country's freedom! Have so many men and women given their lives so that it could come to this? I finally realized that I needed to calm down and get a broader perspective on what the 4th of July (Independence Day) meant to me, and how I should celebrate it. 

I do know that it will be a private celebration, as I work on the 4th, but how can I get my mind straightened out? What the 4th of July actually represents is the day in 1776 that the Continental Congress adopted the  The Declaration of Independence, which set us free from Great Britain. 

Freedom is a right, and a gift. How it is reflected in our lives has evolved over time. What we are currently seeing here in the U.S. is a body of wealthy elite that want the "rules" to be in their favor. This is not government of the people, by the people, or for the people. As so many men and women have died so that we may have these rights, it is up to us to honor them by taking actions that will help preserve our rights.

I have always voted, but since the past election I have consciously taken continued action to educate myself on what is going on politically. and to keep up ongoing discourse with my political representatives, by phone, e-mail, and snail mail. The one thing that I can do is to make sure that my voice is heard!

I look at our country, and I see cities and states asserting themselves.   California, New York, and Washington are rebelling against Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Six states are taking action against Trump's travel ban regarding Muslim majority countries. Many cities and states are declaring themselves as sanctuaries for immigrants. 

We the people are speaking up, we are becoming stronger, and we can preserve the best quality of life for the majority of the people in this country. Ideally, it would be the best quality of life for all, but that is a goal that we must strive for. We are not there yet.

On this Independence Day, I honor those that have gone before me, and made my way easier. I commit to doing all that I can do to bring my country back up to the standards that are its foundation.

(c) July 2017 Bonnie Cehovet


  1. Oh Bonnie, so well written! I feel the same way but can't articulate it the way you did! Thank you.


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