Monday, April 23, 2018

Questions To Be Covered By Beta Readers

Before you even get your Beta readers lined up, you might want to think about what questions you want them to respond to. What is important for you to get feedback on? What will help you firm up your book so that it will sell? The following questions cover some areas that you might want to consider. Reword them to fit your tone, and exactly what you want covered. Add questions that might not be here, but that you want covered. Take out questions that do not really interest you.

Does the story engage you? If not, why not?
Does the storyline flow well? If not, why not?
Are there certain sections of the book that drag a bit, or are bogged down? If so, which sections, and why.
Were there enough false clues to make the story interesting? If so, why.
Was it too easy to guess the ending? If so, why.
Was the ending interesting? If not, why not.
Was there enough conflict/tension to keep things moving? If not, why not? 

Do the characters show depth? If not, why not?
Do the characters interact well with each other? If not why not?
Are the characters consistent? If not, why not?
Do the characters have enough "back story" that you feel that you know them? If not, why not?

Were there any discrepencies in the timeline, the environment, or in character detail? If so, where and why specifically.
Was the locale believable? If not, why not.
Did the dialogue flow, and was it intresting? If not, why not.
Were there a signficant amount of grammer, punction, or spelling errors?
Do you feel that this book represents its genre well? If not, why not?

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