Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We Have A Contest Going!

I am currently running a contest through my newsletter, "Bonnie's World". I am going to be giving away "Writing Spiritual Books - A Bestselling Writer's Guide to Successful Publication", by Hal Zina Bennett. 

From the book: "One of the realities that we face when we start looking at publishing is the size of the potential readership we're writing to. This doesn't mean that you should change the way that you are writing your book in order to reach a broader market - though, indeed, that might be a choice you'd make. But it does mean being realistic about the size of your potential readership and what you can do to more sharply focus your writings for the people you want to reach. If you have a very narrow readership focus, consider self publishing, or going with a publishing house that specializes in the narrow niche you're considering. Understand that you might be talking about selling only a few hundred or a couple of thousand books. Fortunately, in this day and age, you can actually do okay with small niches like this. New printing technologies make it so." 

The winner will be chosen from the list of all individuals signed up for my newsletter. Because I did not think to promote this give-away sooner, I will include all individuals that sign up before the end of April, and will be announcing the winner in my May newsletter. 

Please share this information with anyone that you think might be interested! Sign-ups can be done from my site, http://www.bonniecehovet.com/.

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