Monday, April 30, 2018

Rediscovering Old Books

I have moved many times in my lifetime - partially due to my being in the Army for ten years, and partially due to three moves after I got out of the service. My stuff was in and out of storage a lot! It has been over two year since my latest move. I have things out of boxes, sorted what needed to be given away, and what I wanted to keep. Some things are still in boxes, until I purchase more bookcases. I am doing yet another run through, and giving more books away. 

It is amazing to me how things seem to just "surface" when we need them. I found a book on karmic healing that I don't remember buying or reading - it is n top notch condition, well written, and inludes Tarot as a modaity for workign with visualization. What more can I ask for!

I have uncovered more mystery books - I read them all, then decide what to keep. Amongst my treasures are books by Agatha Christie, Rex Stout's "Nero Wolf" mysteries,  Rita Mae Brown's "Mrs. Murphy" mystries, and Margaret Maron's "Deborah Knox" series.

I love rereading a good book - I remember where I was in my life when I last read the book, and thoroughly enjoy entering the world of the book in front of me again. It allows me to step outside of the day to day of life, and become someone else.

Do you enjoy rereading your books? Do they hold good memories for you, as mine do for me? One day I hope that my books hold good memories for my readers!

(c) April 2018 Bonnie Cehovet
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  1. Oh Wow, I'm going through the same thing. Looking for a book I know I didn't give away. Two boxes of books beside my bed waiting for a place to give them. I also need to go through books and continue downsizing. This unpacking is like a treasure hunt isn't it! I didn't know you were in the Army!

  2. Unpacking can be a magickal experience! I will have several boxes of divination books to give away when I am done. I spent ten and one-half years in the Army - met some great people, and learned a wonderful occupation (Medical Tchnology).


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